Can You Cure Cancer with Nutrition?

Cancer is one of the scariest diagnosis to get and it can strike anyone and any time. 

Like any scary health concern, people desperately seek a solution and many people turn towards nutrition as a possible option.

But there is a lot of misinformation around cancer and nutrition and its hard to decipher fact from fiction. 

Today, I have an expert on this topic on the show my friend Dr. Krystle Zuniga 

Dr. Zuniga is a professor of Nutrition at the University of Texas and is also a cancer dietitian with almost a decade of experience. 

Tune into the show where we discuss: 

  • The vital role of nutrition during cancer treatment
  • Key cancer prevention tips 
  • Fasting and ketogenic diets as a potential treatment for cancer 
  • Why stories of people who "healed their cancer with food" are often misleading

and more. 

Tune in to the show to learn more.

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