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Building Healthy Habits

12-Week Lifestyle Transformation Program  

Build Sustainable Habits That Will Transform Your Life  

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Enrollment for this round  Closes March 15th 

Take Steps Towards Living a Healthier Lifestyle


Have you struggled to build healthy lifestyle habits that you give you the results that you want without feeling too restrictive?

Do you feel overwhelmed with information about nutrition and health? 

Despite access to unlimited amounts of information, most people continue to struggle with figuring out how to balance healthy lifestyle habits with work, parenting, and social responsibilities. 

We have a lot on our plates and we are bombarded with information about nutrition and health and it is hard to know who to believe or what you should invest your limited time on. 

This 12-week coaching program is designed to help you make simple and strategic changes to your nutrition and lifestyle that will that will have a measurable impact on your health and help you work towards reaching your important longer term health and fitness goals. 

The Information, Tools, and Support that You Need To Achieve Results That Last

The Building HealthyHabits 12 Week Kickstart Program Includes:

Personalized Nutrition Recommendations

When you join the program, you start by filling out an intake form to give us more detailed information about yourself, your goals, your current habits, what you most need help with, time availability, and more. 

Dr. Chavez takes this information and puts together a set of detailed nutrition and lifestyle recommendations for you to focus on that will have the most benefit for moving you toward your goals.  


Exercise Program

We use the same information that you included in your intake form to help build out your personalized exercise plan as well.

Alex, our personal trainer, takes the information and build you a workout that fits within your current exercise level, access to equipment, etc. that is also going to help you to reach your goals. 

These workouts are delivered directly through an app with tutorials and an ability to provide feedback to Alex so that adjustments can be made if needed.

Weekly Check-in Calls 

We host weekly zoom calls to check in with you all, answer any questions you may have, and provide coaching and support when needed. 


Online Support Community 

As a part of this program, you get to join a fun and supportive private community (not on social media) where we ask questions, share recipes, discuss wins and challenges, and support one another on this journey. 

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This is NOT a Typical "Weight Loss" Program


  • WE WILL NOT be using the scale as a primary measure of success.
  • We WILL NOT ask you to implement extreme measures that are not sustainable. 
  • We WILL NOT give you a generic plan to follow.


  • We WILL provide personalized guidance to understand how to align your nutrition with your goals.  
  • We WILL help you build a habit of exercise that is enjoyable and helps you to improve your fitness level.
  • WE WILL hold you accountable and check in with you to make sure that you are working towards YOUR goals
  • WE WILL support you in this process and help you make adjustments when needed

This program is not a quick fix gimmick, it really is about BUILDING healthy habits. Dr. Chavez and Alex met me where I was at and helped me build from there. They showed a commitment to help me grow & flourish on my own.

Sophia Kieri

Dr. Chavez is the voice of reason. He and Alex have integrity and genuinely care about their clients. I haven't received this much support and kindness from the health and fitness industry in a long time. This was a life-changing experience for me and I'm so thankful!

Henryne Tobias
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Meet Our Coaches

Dr. Adrian Chavez 

Dr. Chavez runs the nutrition side of the program and also hosts the group calls.

Dr. Chavez has a PhD in Nutrition to go along with years of coaching experience working with over 1,000 clients.

Dr. Chavez is widely regarded as one of the top experts in the field, and he brings a combination of extensive educational and first-hand practical experience that is unmatched in this field. 

Alex Engelman, CPT, PN1

Alex is our resident fitness coach. He focuses on programming personalized exercises that fit within your needs, ability level, and goals. 

Alex has a Bachelor's in Kinesology and is also a certified personal trainer and nutrition coach. 

More importantly, Alex is caring and supportive and passionate about helping people enjoy exercise and reach their health and fitness goals. 


Here is what you get when you sign up:

  • Personalized nutrition recommendations from Dr. Adrian Chavez
  • A personalized exercise plan that can be done at your house or in the gym from our trainer Alex delivered to your phone directly through an app. 
  • Video check in calls held weekly at various times. 
  • Membership to the Building Healthy Habits community where you can ask questions, ask for support, participate in challenges, and more. 

Two Payment Options Available 



3 monthly payments



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