Everyone has unique nutritional needs. Our goal is to teach you bout your body and empower you to make well-informed decisions for your nutrition and lifestyle


I'm Adrian Chavez

My journey started as a  sick kid growing up. I dealt with severe allergies and asthma and caught a severe case of every bug that went around. 

 I took several medications as a kid, including round after round of antibiotics and daily doses of NSAID painkillers in my teens.

I developed some digestive problems that were very bothersome in my early 20s, which I improved dramatically by changing my nutrition.

I was getting a Master's degree in Exercise Science at the time, but I decided that I was going to pursue a career in nutrition instead after that experience.

I went on to get a Ph.D. in Nutrition and Health Promotion and am on a mission to help people get access to practical science-based nutrition information. 

My Education and Experience

I earned a bachelor's degree in Exercise Science from Texas State University in 2009 and a masters degree in Exercise Science as well in 2011. From there I want on to earn a PhD in Nutrition and Health Promotion from Arizona State University in 2015. After receiving my doctorate I worked for a year as a researcher in academia before leaving to start my online coaching and education business. 

Since then I have taught over 1,000 students through various courses, have worked with hundreds of people through group programs that I run, and have worked with over a hundred 1:1 clients with various health conditions including high cholesterol, diabetes, IBS, IBD, autoimmune diseases and more. I have also done consulting and lecture for various organizations and institutions all centered around 

"Working with Dr. Chavez has been incredible and truly life changing.Dr. Chavez is extremely knowledgeable, compassionate, caring, and a true gem. I truly wish I would have found him when I was first diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease."

-Emma Becker

"With Dr. Chavez there's no gimmick, he's not trying to upsell you anything, he wants to help you accomplish your health goals. Dr. Chavez is genuinely invested in people's health"

- Sophia Kieri

"I feel more alive than I have in YEARS!!! No gut issues. Needless to say, I am the person who I knew I always could be and a large part of that was through your [Dr. Chavez] help"

- Julie Walton

Opportunities to Work Together

1:1 Coaching

Designed for those with unique nutritional needs that could benefit from Dr. Chavez's expertise and guidance. 

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Book a 1time session with Dr. Chavez to go over your nutrition and lifestyle habits and build an action plan for making strategic changes.

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Courses and Programs

Courses and programs designed to help provide support and accountability in building better habits around nutrition and fitness. 

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Our Mission! 


When I first developed digestive problems in my 20s I scoured bookstores and the internet for any information that I could find that could be helpful. 

I found a lot of information, but almost none of it was backed by any science and much of it was misleading.

Unfortunately, the VAST MAJORITY of information in the field of nutrition is promoting unrealistic body standards, extreme fad diets, and unnecessary and sometimes dangerous supplements. 

Our goal is to help change this landscape of popular nutrition information and help more people get access to science-based information that actually works! 

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