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17 Gift Ideas for The Health-Conscious Person In Your Life

gifts holidays Nov 24, 2023

Are you searching for some great gifts for that health-conscious person in your life? Here is a list of 17 items that they are actually going to use and get some benefit from. 


Smoothies are a quick, portable, and nutritious meal option and one of the keys to a good smoothie is a good blender. When it comes to blenders, you can’t go wrong with Vitamix. Amazon is running a special offering the Propel Series 510 blender for almost $200 off: Vitamix Propel 510

The vitamix is pricey, but it is a powerful unit that can blend nearly anything you want it to with ease and also offers a full 5 year warranty. If the blender breaks at any time during the 5 years they will replace it for FREE and their customer service is excellent.

You can also get a refurbished Explorian bender for only $229 if you want to save some money but still get a Vitamix unit  Refurbished Vitamix Explorian

This one only offers a 3 year warranty, not the 5 but still a good warranty. 

The ninja brand also offers some great affordable blender options. They also tend to come with additional accessories and functions. They aren’t as powerful and don’t have the same warranty as the Vitamix, but the ninja blenders will blend smoothies just fine and can also handle other home chef needs. Ninja Foodi Blender and Processor System



If you wanted to go with something smaller strictly for personal use, you might want to give the Nutribullet blender a shot: Nutribullet Personal Blender


Or go with one of the personal Ninja personal blenders, which are also great! Nutri Pro Compact Personal Blender


Speaking of blenders, immersion blenders are a kitchen gatchet that many people don’t know they need. They can be used for thickening soups, for making salsa, hummus, mayo, and other dips, and can also be used for smoothies.

Vitamix has the top product on the market here as well:  Vitamix Immersion Blender

Another great option is a KitchenAid blender: KitchenAid Immersion Blender


Eating more veggies is another challenge for a lot of people and chopping them is one of the main reasons why. A good veggie chopper can help reduce prep time for the avid chef. Here is a good quality option Mueller Pro Series Vegetable Chopper


Another kitchen appliance that has been popular recently is Air Fryers – and for good reason. Air fryers not only offer a low to no oil alternative to traditional frying, they can also can cook foods in about half of the time as a traditional oven.

Ninja is a also a trusted brand here and they have some great deals on smaller and larger options this holiday season:

 Ninja single basket option Ninja AF101 Air Fryer


Ninja Double Basket: Ninja DZ550 Foodi Air Fryer


Speaking of popular, these Stanley water cups have blown up this year and a good water cup is always helpful for supporting hydration. Stanley Quencher H20 Water Cup


Fitness gear is another great gift idea. With more people working from home these days and getting less activity through the day, a walking pad can be a great tool for increasing daily activity, improving metabolic health, and assisting with weight management. This is one of the best deals I have seen on a good unit: Portable Walking Pad


Setting up a simple home exercise space can be a game changer for the busy person who doesn’t have time to make it to the gym. The staple to any basic home gym set up is a pair of adjustable dumbbells.

This Bowflex dumbbell set that goes up to 52.5 pounds is one of the premiere products on the market and it is on sale right now: Bowflex SelectTech 552 Adjustable Dumbbells

 It’s main competitor, the Powerblock is also on sale and both of these would be a great staple to any home exercise set up: Powerblock Elite EXP Adjustable Dumbbells


Health Monitoring Devices are another great gift option. I am partial to Apple watch as they are affordable, versatile, and work seamlessly with apple devices if you have them. Apple just came out with a new model that is on sale for $329: Apple Watch Series 9

You can also get an older model with nearly all of the same features for about $200: Apple Watch SE (2nd Generation)

A blood pressure cuff is another great gift idea for that special someone in your life that you know needs to monitor their blood pressure better. This is a great option: OMRON Silver Blood Pressure Monitor  


Another great option is a scale. This Renpho scale has a body fat % calculator (it's not super accurate, but it will do) and it saves readings in a smart phone app to track progress RENPHO bluetooth scale

Just be mindful about this one, because giving someone a scale could be construed as an insult. 

A pair of headphones is another great gift for the fitness enthusiast. I have used LOTS of headphones and I am personally partial to the Beats by Dre line as they work seamlessly with Apple products and are high quality at a reasonable price. 

Here is a good over the ear option that is on sale for $100. Beats Solo 3 

And this is a great earbud option: Beats Studio Buds   (I have both of these and love them)


Another great gift idea is books. Unfortunately, most of the nutrition books are full of misleading information and I wouldn’t recommend giving to someone you care about.

Here are a few that are science-based and worth the read:

Everything Fat Loss by Ben Carpenter 

Flexible Dieting by Alan Aragon  

EAT IT! by Jordan Syatt 

 Or another option for someone who could really use some comprehensive guidance around nutrition, exercise, and making it a sustainable lifestyle you could go with my Nutrition Mastery Blueprint Course that offers is currently on sale. Nutrition Mastery Blueprint Course 

If you wanted to make it a gift, just send us an email at [email protected] and we can send you a coupon code and gift certificate with your purchase to give as a gift. 


**This webpage contains affiliate links. I will get a small commission from the products linked through Amazon if you click through and make a purchase. 



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